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Friday, March 20, 2015

gender is a state of mind. -scott schuman, the sartorialist

to know me is to know i love crossing borders, and not just across continents. when it comes to my wardrobe, i zigzag across the men's and women's departments of online eco retailers and local boutiques to find what i'm looking for.

a tomboy at heart, i'm happiest in baggy boyfriend jeans or oversized chinos, and a well-tailored oxford is a staple in my wardrobe. i like to take these pieces and add my own personal touch: sky-high heels from olsen haus or a brassiere from stella mccartney for a boy-meets-girl effect. 

i've been on the lookout for an everyday button down that is also ethically produced {i have a long, slender build and sometimes finding an organic, fair trade shirt that also fits just right can be a challenge}.

when i read about the sustainable garments from glass house shirt makers, i was intrigued. i know it's a men's label, but i was never one for rules - in college a friend once told me i had a blatant disregard for the law - certainly untrue, but when it comes to fashion, i believe what the good folks at ghsm have to say: "expressing our authentic self is a gift and should be conveyed passionately."

from our friends at glass house shirt makers:
[O]ur long term goal, let’s say by 2020, is to have all of our fabrics grown, milled, spun, dyed, and woven right here in the United States. The fabrics we currently use are 100% organic cotton, hemp, lyocell, and blends of other sustainable fabrics. In addition, we use reclaimed fabrics that may be thrown away or take time to redistribute, so we buy them before they head to the landfill.

[E]ventually, we’d love to have our own manufacturing facility run on alternative energy like wind, solar & geothermal. We believe that providing a high quality of life for our employees, as well as providing premium shirts for you, are the key aspects of how this brand is run. Big goals with big impacts.

founder daniel bernardo has proven that real men wear eco. and daniel may not know it yet, but he's a bit of a design magician, making striking shirts of superior craftsmanship that not only flatter men, but entice women. so i think the real lesson we've learned here today, boys + girls, is: real men AND real women wear eco!

find these fine shirts at penelope's in chicago or scoot on over here for more options. want to stay at home + let your fingers do the shopping? click here.

{artwork by f+d | photography by wendy santeliz}

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