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Saturday, April 25, 2015

{today's simple pleasures}
to know me is to know i love elephants, rhinos, + giraffes. they are spellbinding creatures that leave me awestruck. my goal is to some day travel to africa and see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.
after a recent trip to south africa, global ambassador for world wildlife fund jared leto shared the following: being that close to majestic creatures like rhinos and elephants reminds me of the deep connection and important responsibility we have to protect and shepherd these fragile species and their habitats. i’m committed and passionate about doing all i can to help ensure that these endangered animals survive. it can and—with a focused global effort—will be done.
from our hardworking friends at the world wwf: at the end of 2014, the south
african province of kwazulu-natal reported an exciting milestone: its black rhino population had grown to 500, up from 411 in 2004. south africa is home to more than 90% of the world’s approximately 20,000 white rhinos and 40% of the 5,000 black rhinos. but rhino poaching in the country has skyrocketed since 2008; in january 2015, south african officials announced that 1,215 rhinos were killed in poaching incidents during 2014—the highest number recorded in a decade.
to learn more about how you can get involved with the work of wwf, step right on over here
{top image via jewel + lotus / bottom image via wwf}

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