{eco read} a green beauty: mara schiavetti's radical agenda

Friday, May 15, 2015

one of my best gal pals + i share a mutual love of movie previews. we really don't want to miss those clips + snips of what's to come. it's fun to see what's being made: the infinitely droll, the heart-stopping dramas, the life affirming documentaries.

in the same way, i love to leaf through magazines while waiting at check-out counters to see what is being created. i use these small scraps of time to explore the work of burgeoning editors, writers + artists. sometimes i put the publication back on its perch where it was neatly nestled, but other times i'm compelled to take the magazine home with me.

the latter happened with a green beauty magazine.

one can feel the passion flowing from the pages of a green beauty, an utterly edgy biannual publication focused on ethical + sustainable fashion and holistic health + beauty {and printed on 100% post consumer paper!}.

mara schiavetti is the founder and editor in chief of agb, and she has created a lavish visual experience for her readers. she brings together a collective of story makers + story lovers with a mutual respect + appreciation for the slow fashion movement + socially conscious living.

this publication faithfully delivers smart, soulful content, introducing the next generation of great designers + environmental stewards along with crisp fashion editorials + lush photography.

included on the back page of agbm is a guide to the sustainable practices implemented by the companies featured in the pages of their mag. the acronym "grow leavz" identifies each enterprise's social responsibility commitment: g} give back, r} recycle, o} organic, w} fair trade, l} local, e} ethical, a} artisan, v} vegan, z} zero waste, s} sustainable.

i loved spotting some of my fave cruelty-free, eco shoe labels, including vegetarian shoes, sydney brown + the people's movement on the list. i'm really looking forward to future editions of this inspired publication.

i do believe if mara schiavetti is not careful, she will have the whole world falling in love with ethical fashion.

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