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Monday, August 10, 2015

baubles, bangles + beads is a song by frank sinatra that puts a smile across my face. sinatra croons, his voice velvety as ever, "baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads; sparkles, spangles, your heart will sing; you'll glitter and gleam so, you're gonna make somebody dream so..."

as a gal who's daily uniform consists of white + black tees worn with boyfriend jeans or oversized chinos, my tomboy style could at best be described as simple + unfussy {like a good relationship, ya know?}. i admit, my minimalist approach to dressing is a bit premeditated.

as an artist preps her canvas, so i am creating a backdrop.

i love to use my body as canvas for jewelry pieces that add impact. each morning i delight in small pleasures like donning my handmade rings + necklaces, remembering the artisans, their studios and the stories behind each creation. 

picking + choosing each piece is as much fun as wearing it, when you have found a meticulously curated site of indie designers like local eclectic.   
chicago-based entrepreneur alexis nido-russo is the founder of local eclectic. alexis has become an accomplished collectionneuse of the finest artisans, bringing together jewelry + fashion designers on her e-commerce site.

visitors have the opportunity to learn about each artist: which state they hale from, their journey as designers, and the motivation + inspiration that allowed each specific piece to come to fruition. 

i learned that my fave pyrite cuff by dea dia {pictured above + worn daily by yours truly} was the result of a serendipitous moment in jessica lawson's workroom. i like to say that in life there are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn + grow. here's a perfect example!

i also loved finding out that the inspo behind jessie yaeger's line i like it here is her grandfather, who started a club to boost morale of fellow pow's at a japanese pow camp during world war two. she tries to stay positive on a daily basis, and that's something on board with, not to mention her gorgeous sculptural pieces

designer brooke persich shares one of her fave quotes: "if i create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing." marc chagall

there's something timeless, something rather important about artfully crafted accessories; handmade pieces that will last a lifetime. online eco boutique, local eclectic offers irresistibly appealing jewelry + accessories that are indeed scene-stealers. so, head on over for some sparkle and oh, shipping, my friends, is always free. voilà!

{image via local eclectic}

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