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Friday, September 4, 2015

trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.

ralph waldo emerson

my mother always told me to trust my instincts. over the years she applied this sage advice to prospective job opportunities, future travel plans, my love life, and yes, even wardrobe decisions. 

i learned that when i listened to my instincts, i was a happy girl. 

malanie linehan, founder of ethical fashion label animal behavior, followed her natural instincts in december of 2014 and they did not lead her astray. 

linehan married her eye for great design to her passion for animals and created a fashion label with visceral appeal. the premier collection is composed of perfectly tailored pieces in ivory + black {with small doses of color that can be found in her leopard-printed tops}. 

the cool, minimalist line includes easy-fitting blazers, perfect summer-to-fall topshigh-waisted shorts with a noir touch - a contrasting band, and a sleek, sandstone jumpsuit that is a showstopper {the object of my ardor is this jumper. wear it to work, wear it to play; ladies, wear it anywhere. available soon in black}. 

all garments are constructed of salvaged + sustainable textiles including surplus stock chiffon + tencel {this textile is of botanic origin as it comes from the pulp of eucalyptus trees}. every piece is made in sunny los angeles, california including zippers, buttons + labels {which makes ab part of the 2% of garment companies that manufacture their clothes in the usa; that's right, 98% of the clothing purchased in america is imported}. 

more good news: these high-style pieces are easy on the budget, and most importantly, 5% of all sales will be donated to panthera.org {an organization dedicated to reversing the endangerment + extinction of the amur leopard + other big cats: with less than 40 amur leopards in existence, animal behavior both educates consumers + offers hope to a dwindling species}.

i'd like a peek inside melanie linehan's closet. i imagine her wardrobe to be a monochromatic sea of fitted contours + fine tailoring with a smattering of color + whimsy. animal behavior's crop of sculpted looks with clean cuts satiates a growing demand from conscious consumers. this eco brand offers more than chic clothes, but a reminder to make purchasing decisions that will positively affect our delicate ecosystem. it starts here: follow your instincts.

visit animal behavior for the good goods or follow them on ig, fb or pinterest.

{image via animal behavior}

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