{paris travel guide} in the bag: the things we carry

Friday, January 22, 2016

i honestly do think a lot about what people carry around in their handbags + satchels.

what is it that we find important enough to pack with us and carry on our arms or backs throughout the day? the book the things they carried is a fascinating read about what soldiers carry in times of war {both the tangible + intangible}. i personally never leave home without my beloved camera.

i told a new friend here in france recently that i felt naked without my camera + their surprise at this revelation surprised me! is there something you wouldn't leave the house without each day besides your keys?

before i head out each morning to traipse all over this tranquil + scenic town, i carefully pack these items:
1/ lonely planet's french phrasebook + dictionary: i once asked a man to lay an egg for me; i meant to ask him to take a picture of me. but somewhere, something went wrong. that day i'd forgotten to bring my petite phrasebook {and pronunciation is key, my friends; luckily this guide includes a pronunciation of all content}. i reference this daily. i highly recommend this little helper {it was a gift from one of my best gal pals + i never leave home without it}. when my fractured french fails me, this book always comes to the rescue. numbers, days, months + social conversation coexist alongside very useful survival phrases. it's small, but mighty.

2/ eco journals: i actually don't journal, i love to post thoughts to instagram and i often save my observations for my blog here. but there is so much to take in when moving to a new country; i'm constantly getting information from various sources + taking notes about new museums + sites i'd love to visit. journals are super handy when i'm on the metro + i see a billboard informing me of a tantalizing exhibit or a friend recommends a charming, new bar or cafe {the journal pictured above is a gift from my coworkers}. for a compact, eco-friendly option, i absolutely love the products + mission of these forest-friendly journals, they're handy as ever.

3/ nikon camera: i'm well aware that there is a nikon camp + a canon camp! i say, whatever camera you feel most comfortable with, go with that one. this camera was recommended by my professor of photography at the school of the art institute of chicago. from the first time i wrapped my hands around the body of my d7000, felt its weight in my palms + listened to the singular sound of the shutter clicking, i was certain this was the one. i have no regrets {after all, life is too short to live with any regrets!}. in terms of performance + quality, i couldn't be happier. i will forever be a nikon girl.

4/ le map: the map above is the actual map i picked up at a kiosk in the 15th arrondissement. this was two years ago before i spoke a lick of french. i was armed with my french dictionary/phrasebook, standing amidst a sea of maps, trying to decide which to purchase, when a gentleman behind me said he spoke english + would like to recommend the paris monuments 3d map. and i'm glad he did, because it's a good one. sometimes you don't get service on your phone, or you're simply tired of staring at a screen, so i carry this with me wherever i go. today it's highlighted and circled, held together with tape, but it's a fantastic map. because, not all maps are created equal my friends.

*naturalia: i also never leave home without a healthy snack {apples + bananas travel well}. organic fruits + veggies, juices + nuts can be found at naturalia*, all-natural food markets found throughout paris with great customer service!

{images by f+d}

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