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Friday, February 5, 2016

my gypsy soul has taken me to faraway locales including turkey + spain, london, italy + paris. as an avid traveler and an artist, i truly relish the architecture, food + fashion of new milieus. for me, one of life's simple pleasures is observing the style + dress of people in their natural environs. it's like stepping into a movie: it is captivating + infinitely gratifying.

susan wildes is a fellow nomadic soul as well as a spelunker of fine, handmade goods. susan wanted to share all of the gorgeous wares she discovered through her travels with consumers who crave unique, ethically produced goods, so she opened her very own online shop miss violetta.

susan bonds her vision to support global artisans with an online retail space offering fresh, modern designs. she has met the passionate artists who have created the goods + works of wearable art on her site, so you know who made it and where it was made {handpicked goods are from india, thailand, mexico + bali + america}. i've chosen my top four pieces from miss violetta. i have a rather monochromatic wardrobe, so i love pieces that add interest + flair. and as a self-professed tassel aficionado, this gorgeous clutch set my pulse racing.

entrepreneurs are really connoisseurs of risk, building businesses on sustained hope, firm courage + careful planning. one of walt disney's friends once described him as someone who "built an industry out of daydreams". that's exactly what susan has done. she has positioned herself as both a maestro of multitasking {that's what entrepreneurs do} and a fearless heart who has set out on a new, thrilling journey. take a peek at susan's online shop: it's completely dedicated to a multicultural + contemporary approach to fashion.

{ pippin's picks 1. made bracelet / 2. bauxo earrings / 3. seaworthy ring / 4. zehra clutch }

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