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Friday, March 25, 2016

"if you can't stop thinking about it, you don't stop working for it."
jula + anna, jan 'n june

this week's eco brand takes us to north germany, between the north sea + the baltic sea, where two uni friends had one clever idea: to create cool, clean wardrobe pieces + shift the perspective towards sustainable fashion. anna + jula of jan 'n june believe eco fashion can and should be accessible + visually appealing.

these gals dreamed of sleek, sexy pieces that were organic, ethically produced + affordable. but how does a desire for cool, minimalist pieces that buck the fast fashion system translate in the real world {specifically hamburg where the gals are based}? when you have two unwavering minds with a head for business + design, a heart for fair trade manufacturing, and a lack of patience {as they affably admit}, then the process of upstarting your own ethical fashion label unfolds quickly and without compromise.

anna + jula were restless for change; they knew about the 8,000 synthetic chemicals being used by the fast fashion industry to turn raw materials into textiles {many released into freshwater sources, with 17-20% of industrial water pollution stemming from textile dyeing + treatment}, and they knew that there was a growing demand for consumers to make purchases that reflect their values {jula discloses that she gets itchy marks by touching heavily dyed clothes}.

unbending in their objectives + clear in their intentions {you can expect complete transparency in their manufacturing process}, jan 'n june has been quietly gathering steam + fans across the globe with spare, structural pieces that are highly wearable, affordable + made under fair trade standards; quite a feat for two young fashion ingenues. queue the kind of sculptural + conceptual designs every girl wants in her closet.

at jan 'n june the customer knows precisely where each garment is fabricated, and exactly what textiles make up each piece {and my personal fave: a girl-power quote alongside each item's description}. just the way a food product lists all the ingredients on a nutrition label, so jula + anna list all the fabric ingredients as well as who constructed every piece, like this perfect oversized boyfriend blazer and these delicious lemon yellow smoking pants.

the result of all their eco scheming + careful calculating is a collection of architectural creations that are upending traditional definitions of green fashion. after all, as jula + anna like to remind us, black is the new green.

{images via jan 'n june / artwork by f+d  

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