{eco fashion guide} 12 ethical labels to build a clean closet

Friday, April 8, 2016

7. matt + nat  / 8. cities in dust / 9. groceries / 10. nudie jeans / 11. bhava / 12. alas / dress via kaight

two things happen when i receive texts from friends interested in greening their wardrobes: my endorphins start a flowin' +  my mental rolodex starts spinning. actually, perhaps i should liken my mind to a slot machine in vegas {i've never actually been, but i've seen them in the movies! suddenly i feel very much like a country mouse}.

the reels inside my head start turning round + round {depending on the friend or family member that has sent the late night text or early morning inquiry, i factor color + textile, style + price}, then the answers are computed {less randomly than the slots, of course} + jackpot! out pours an indie or eco brand.

above is a handy guide to my favorite eco labels, all tried + tested closet staples and highly recommended by yours truly {i didn't forget about your tootsies, here's a whole post dedicated to socks made with lots of love}. these are all stellar companies putting people, planet + animals above profits.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{artwork by f+d}

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