{eco mom} mother's day: a kind find gift guide

Friday, April 22, 2016

"geniuses are just people who had good mothers"
r.buckminster fuller

mother's day is around the corner, and while i always say the best gift is the gift of time {an afternoon of tea + fruit pie, a show at a local playhouse, an outdoor picnic, musical concerts, the options are endless!}, it's still a lovely thing to receive a note, a flower or a token of your love + gratitude for years of growing you into the person you are today. these four ethical companies are celebrating women around the world every day of the year. take a peek:

1/ box bag by freedom of animals: a thoughtful, utilitarian gift, handbags keep our worlds organized. freedom of animals is a sustainable + cruelty-free luxury bag label. this company was founded by eco entrepreneur morgan bogle, who offers sleek designs that comply with ethical manufacturing standards. her versatile bags are comprised of post-consumer polyurethane + organic cotton. polyurethane is a safer alternative to pvc, as it does not emit carcinogenic dioxin, nor is it filled with harsh chemicals. the process to finish these fabrics requires 70% less energy than other synthetic fabrics. lovingly made in the u.s.a.

2/ handcrafted baubles by soko: elizabeth taylor once said she liked the easy glamour of wearing jewelry all the time. i quite agree. a pair of small studs, a simple cuff or a delicate necklace is all it takes to make an ensemble feel special. soko offers handcrafted jewelry from the developing world, design-led pieces created using natural + upcycled materials by artisans in emerging economies {most of whom are women in undeserved communities}.

soko is a company empowering women, connecting consumers to global makers + fostering opportunities that change lives. learn about their impact here. recently soko has partnered with pencils of promise, with 20% of every purchase donated to school builds in ghana. they've built 313 schools for children thus far, and they're hoping to break ground on school #314. let's send some tots to school. shop the collection here.

2/ papaya + mango scarf by heshima kenyaheshima is swahili for "respect, honor + dignity". i learned of this ethical fashion label a number of years ago, and i when i read that some of the young women who make these scarves would be speaking at a local gallery, i had to go. it was an honor to meet the buoyant-hearted artisans, young ladies who have experienced the detrimental effects of war, yet thrive + prosper because of this organization.

heshima kenya is a chicago-based nonprofit operating in nairobi, kenya. it is the first organization in kenya devoted to protecting unaccompanied and separated refugee children + youth from somalia, ethiopia, dr congo, sudan, rwanda+ burundi. heshima provides shelter, medical care, education, vocational training, case management + job training via the production + sales of their hand-dyed scarves from their maisha collective {maisha is swahili for "life"}.

currently 54 full-time artisans are employed as a result of heshima's holistic + sustainable approach to recovery, independence + economic self-sufficiency. when i wear a heshima scarf, i wear it with joy + pride. i run my fingers over the cloth, knowing there is a woman somewhere on the african continent building her life anew.

4/ flowers by nature: potted plants + fresh flowers are always a good idea. find your nearest farmers market + support local growers by purchasing a bouquet there. in france, open markets offer up blooms of every color + type year round. if you're in chicago, there's an amazing little flower delivery business flowers for dreams that offers organic + locally crafted flowers at honest prices {and they deliver for free by bike}. does it get any better than that? indeed it does! 25% of sales from every delicious bouquet purchased benefits a charity. six lovely choices available includingy this spectacular bouquet of blues!

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{artwork by f+d}


  1. inspirational and insightful blog! looking forward to your next post.

  2. thanks for reading! so many great, ethical brands yet to share!