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Saturday, April 23, 2016

"but he said yes with his heart
he said yes to what he loves"
jacques prévert

{today's simple pleasures}

livres rares et ancien: come rain or come shine, i love skulking about early morning, late afternoon, or deep into the night, perusing sleepy bookshops filled with rare books + nouveau poets. this is how i say yes to what i love:

through travel, our lives often trip happily over new artists, filmmakers + writers. new friends might recommend a book or movie, and sometimes getting lost means toppling into a whole new world. i discovered french poet jacques prévert at le pont traverse in the 6eme, this is "paris by night"

trois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuit
la premiére pour voir ton visage tout entier
la seconde pour voir tes yeux
la dernière pour voir ta bouche
et l'obscuritè tout entière pour me rappeler tout cela
en te serrant dans mes bras.

and in english / en anglais

three matches one by one struck in the night
the first to see your face in its entirety
the second to see your eyes
the last to see your mouth
and the darkness all around to remind me of all these
as i hold you in my arms. 

{images by f+d}


  1. "the second to see your eyes" - so romantic! I love old book stores!

  2. touches my soul

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