{underground culture} nouveaux mondes: a guide to paris bookshops

Friday, May 20, 2016

“i still love books. nothing a computer can do can compare to a book. you can't really put a book on the internet. three companies have offered to put books by me on the net, and i said, 'if you can make something that has a nice jacket, nice paper with that nice smell, then we'll talk.' all the computer can give you is a manuscript. people don't want to read manuscripts. they want to read books. books smell good. they look good. you can press it to your bosom. you can carry it in your pocket.”  ray bradbury

today i present a few of my favorite paris book shops selling old-fashioned books that thoroughly satisfy my old-fashioned heart + that i can hold firmly to my chest. right this way, fellow readers:

one/ philippe le libraire: an aladdin's cave of storybooks, children's books, comics + more. a love for comics took monsieur philippe from pastry chef to proprietor of his very own bookshop. of the shop, philippe shares, "i'm particularly pleased to do this business, the only way of doing things is to do as i like. in fact, it's a little messy here, but in the end i feel good, it's a bit like home."* open every day, call for hours + holiday closings // located at 32 rue de vinaigriers, paris 75010  

two/ i love my blender: this charming bookstore boasts no inflated website {just a standalone page that's permanently "under construction" with address + contact info}, no swollen social media pages {no facebook, twitter or instagram here} and they ask for no paparazzi photos inside. you can expect a quaint brick + mortar shop reading "independante" across the storefront, chalk full of lovely items like kitsch novelties, wall art, teas, toys, games + a great selection of contemporary + postmodern reads {plenty of books in english}. closed monday + sunday, call for hours // located at 36 rue de temple, paris 75003

three/ thé troc sté libraire: this bookstore has the feel of an eccentric artist's working studio with its dilapidated exterior {weathered posters + faded signs cling to its facade} making this beautifully battered bookstore quite intriguing for its casual presentation + rich, unexpected content. inside you'll find a gorgeous tea room peppered with relics from far-flung locales + wooden booths swathed in kilim pillows. there's also a room brimming with books, comics, poetry + music. a relaxed atmosphere coupled with the calming aroma of incense makes this venue feel like tumbling into a dream. open monday through saturday, check fb for hours // located at 52 rue jean-pierre timbaud, paris 75011

four/ librarie artazart: alright, artists + design enthusiasts, here's a slice of heaven across from the canal saint martin. artazart has an entire room devoted to sleek style magazines, another room at the back is dedicated to art + children's books, and at the front you'll find an array of dazzling design books featuring colorful + compelling visuals, covering fashion, photography, street art, architecture, layout, type + more {even an unanticipated book on cats in paris becomes a splendid feat of photography}. there are also handmade curiosities along with everyday items, like stylish ceramics + mugs with an edge. yes, mugs can be edgy; that's entirely possible i learned. open monday through sunday, check website for hours // located at  83 quai de valmy, paris 75011

{images by f+d}

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