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Monday, November 28, 2016

this week's green heart series continues with a trusted resource + a prolific writer in the zero waste + sustainable living community: holly rose pens the provocative + stylish eco blog leotie lovely.

there's an ineffable quality to holly rose; she's a force of nature with her pensive eyes + unbridled spirit, her soft voice + unflinching dedication to her principles. holly discourses about ethical fashion, organic spinach + life on the road while living in a vintage vw van with amaranthine enthusiasm. from floss to fashion to furniture, she'll gently guide you towards a lifestyle that actively considers the planet + its inhabitants, both people + animals. 

find out how the first nations people + their culture inspire holly to continue on her daily journey to live a more mindful life, what musical instrument she plays to decompress + who she admires most. her writing will make you ponder everyday habits + decisions, while quietly changing your view of the world. this is holly:

i was skulking about one of my fave parisian vintage boutiques la séraphothèque shop when i spotted a gorgeous clutch from across a crowded room. i sashayed over and picked up the item, which i found out was carefully handcrafted from an upcycled moroccan kilim. the label read "leotie lovely." i scooted off to my little shoe-box apartment + later that night i researched the brand. 

little did i know that the canadian maker behind this eco + ethical label would later become a friend; our paths finally crossing at parc des buttes chaumont on a sweltering summer day in paris as we unraveled our personal journeys + shared how we each ended up across the big pond + on the eco lifestyle path. 

this year holly has challenged herself + the world to live a more thoughtful life via her gone green 2016 series in which she presents a new topic every single day of the year on how to better live a more sustainable lifestyle.

live | vivre 
1/ what is one small action you might encourage others to take to live a more sustainable lifestyle? sustainability has always been a part of my life, my mum is a very conscious human and has taught us sustainable values throughout our lives. our upbringing was heavily influenced by the first nations cultures in our community. i believe the first nations peoples, their spirituality and culture have a lot to teach the western world. we've spent hundreds of years ignoring their wisdom and committing horrible crimes against the aboriginal peoples of all parts of the world, but in the end, it is only them who can save us from ourselves. {*head on over to holly's blog + click on any post from the last year for tangible ideas for your wardrobe, your eating habits + your home}

as a sustainable fashion + lifestyle enthusiast, was there a moment in your life which put you on the path to sustainability? for me, i took a step away from my sustainable upbringing at some points, believing the hype that fast fashion made good jobs for people in need, which wasn't true. about 8 years ago i started upcycling vintage clothing to re-sell online, then that developed into me designing upcycled, handmade, eco-friendly handbags, which i concentrated my 'after work energy' on for quite a few years, learning all i could about the brand side of the industry. about a year ago i decided i wanted to concentrate on writing again (i used to be a journalist) and slowly started to explore the stories behind true sustainability and forming my own opinions through digested information until i was so inspired that i decided to embark on a daily journey which involved me writing a 365 day series*, #gonegreen2016, which would educate myself and others about habit and purchase changes we as a society can make which improve our lifestyles and the lifestyle of others.

2/ what is your favorite eco online retailer or brick + mortar shop? do you have any favorite slow or indie fashion brands? i'm a huge fan of vintage, i always have been, so that tends to be where i find the purchases which really make me roar, but my favourite brick + mortar shop is here in paris, la manufacture onirique, the sweet soul who runs it is one of the most creative and knowledgeable people in the industry and she creates a space for like-minded people to connect and explore. online i'm obsessed with reformation, their clothing brings the perfect mix to a vintage inspired wardrobe. i also really like british retailor, gather + see. my favourite go-to ensemble, would be some combination of these: an alexx jae + milk tee, re/done jeans, fortress of inca shoesally bee knit sweaterrakha blazer, and some vintage sunglasses {see where holly shops for vintage treasures here}.

flourish | fleurir
3/ what is one personal quality about yourself that you would never change? i hope there isn't anything that doesn't change about me, i hope to always grow, but i suppose i hope i'll always have depth.

4/ share four things that make you really happy. my family, sunshine, the sea, and mountains

5/ when you're feeling stressed, what do you do to decompress? i listen to this podcast called live awake and meditate to that. sometimes i'll pick up the guitar. 

inspired | inspiré
6/ it takes a lot of time + dedication to sustain your own blog or business. what motivates you to do so? what's next for leotie lovely? i'm hungry for knowledge so that drives me, i'm not sure what's next for leotie lovely, i'm going to get myself through this #gonegreen2016 series and then see where my inspiration leads me!  

7/ which person/s do you most admire and why? i try to surround myself with people i admire, so my partner, every member of my family and all my close friends have equal parts of my admiration for various different things!

some of my fave posts include:
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{don't forget the tip} holly reminds all of us that it is equally important to advocate for the rights of animals + people, "it's not cruelty-free unless the production is also cruelty-free and it's cruel to pay people slave wages for your product's creation." follow her journey for tips + tricks for doing it the green way

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until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{images via leotie lovely by shane woodward // first nation image via our legacy// artwork by f+d}

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