{eco reads} nouveaux mondes: paris bookshops part II

Saturday, January 21, 2017

vintage, dusty books do a happy girl make. last year, i put together this list of some of my favorite paris bookshops, but since then, this self-proclaimed bibliophile has happened upon a number of new venues that you'll want to visit.

coming soon, a second list: paris bookshops, part II. and if you're in the u.s.a, don't forget to recycle those tattered books you have lying around; someone else is surely waiting for an adventure through the pages of your pre-loved books. you can sell your fine works of literature here or here.

in the meantime, if you're looking for an engrossing book, this expose by english environmentalist + journalist lucy siegle is a must read.

until next time, stay green, dear hearts!

{images by f+d}


  1. Browsing through used-book shops is one of my favorite things to do! But also quite dangerous. ;) Looking forward to your list!

    1. agreed! it is dangerous, but in the best way! thanks elisabeth!