thank you for stopping by. i believe in using creativity as a medium for change; i believe there is a just solution for every problem; i believe in miracles; i believe in everyday heroes; i believe in the power of love.

a former chicago fashion editor + columnist, my freelance writing + photography have been featured in laika magazine, noveaux fair fashion magazine + vilda magazine. if you'd like to talk sustainable + indie fashion or about the wondrous, healing powers of healthy eating, green living + compassionate choices, drop a line; i would love to hear from you! for collaboration information or if you are interested in finny + dill reviewing your product or business, write to christina pippin at 

please note: while my focus has always been and remains on eco + indie fashion, as of january 2013 this blog focuses solely on wares that are local, organic, fair trade + vegan. this is a blog about the delicate balance between the expression of personal style and our purchasing power as conscientious consumers. this is a blog about choices.

{currently i'm not accepting guest posts. i do love a makeover, and finny+dill will be getting a fresh new look in january of 2018; partnership opportunities will be available in february 2018. please allow 3-5 days for a response. be well, do good!}